Open Workshop Training Calendar 2023

DateDaysCourse TitleFEES USD
August 20233Human resource Management600 USD
September 20233Proposal Writing & Fund-raising Training Workshop500 USD
October 20233Financial Management600 USD
November 20235Procurement and Contract Management 700 USD
November 20233Monitoring & Evaluation Training Workshop 500 USD
November 20233Strategic Policy planning for Public Service500 USD
December 20233Team leadership and management500 USD
December 20233Grants Management Training Workshop 500 USD
January 2023 3Project Management Monitoring & Evaluation Training Workshop 500 USD
January 20234Financial Management for Donor Funded Projects800 USD
February 2023 3Project Cycle Management Training Workshop600 USD
February 2023 3Climate Change & Risk Management. 600 USD
February 2023 3Team leadership and Management 500 USD
March 20235Procurement and contracts management 700 USD
March 20233Perfect PA & effective office administrator500 USD
March 2023 3Project Appraisal for Donor Funded Projects 500 USD
April 20233Developing & Implementing HIV/AIDS Workplace Programme600 USD
April 20233Financial management500 USD
April 20233Conflict Management500 USD
May 2023 3Project Risk Management 500 USD
May 20235Proposal Writing & Fundraising Training Workshop 800 USD
May 2023 3Customer Service Management500 USD
June 20233Business planning & management 500 USD
June 2023 3Organizational development 500 USD
June 2023 4Project Management Monitoring & Evaluation600 USD
July 20233Human resource management700 USD
July 20233Project Procurement strategy for Development 500 USD
July 2023 5Procurement and Contract Management 700 USD
August 20233Human Resource Management & Development 500 USD
August 2023 3Perfect PA & Effective office administrator 600 USD
August 20233Conflict Management 600 USD
September 20233Financial Management For Donor Funded Projects 600 USD
September 20233Monitoring & Evaluation Training Workshop 600 USD
September 20233Risk management 500 USD
October 20233Budgeting for Managers500 USD
October 2023 3Debt management500 USD
October 20233Strategic Leadership & Governance500USD
November 20233Public Sector Governance & Budget Reforms800 USD
November 20235Procurement and Contract Management 900 USD
November 20233Grants Management Training Workshop 500 USD
December 2023 3Organizational Development500 USD
December 20233Asset Management 600 USD