The Global Centre for Humanitarian & Development Training

Since the 1990’s, Global Humanitarian Institute has provided training and consultancy services to persons and organizations who work in the international humanitarian & development sector.

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We are a fully Certified institution committed to providing quality skills & Knowledge to students from diverse Backgrounds.

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The Global Institute are Master Facilitators and True Subject Matter experts

Consultancy and Participatory Training for International Development!

We are staffed by highly skilled, experienced and dedicated individuals, with core staff drawn from a variety of cultural, national and disciplinary backgrounds, and supported by a network of external consultants from universities and the private sector.

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Training materials based on research and global best practice and first-hand experience

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The Global Institute Provides consultancy & Training Services to Humanitarian & Development professionals worldwide

We’re continuously tracking any new development agenda while monitoring employee attitudes to ensure our content is relevant, practical and useful. The needs of our clients dictate the planning and development of each and every course and Training Workshop.

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Our partnership with various frontline humanitarian organizations further allows us to utilize on-the-ground frontline experience. This partnership gives us a competitive advantage in the industry whilst allowing us to see first-hand how our training translates into action.